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No fancy algorithms to determine the cost of your component. Just multiply the number of hours it takes to manufacture your part with the pricing below. No hidden costs. What you see is what you pay.

Pricing FAQ

How will you calculate the cost for my object?

We will simply multiply the cycle time for machining the object with your machine and tolerance preference. 

What is cycle time?

Cycle time is the amount of time it will take the machine to manufacture your part. It can be automatically calculated by a CAM software or CNC Machining software.

Is the cost for material included?

No. The cost for material is not included. Depending upon the material you select, and the dimensions of the object, we will communicate the price for material before beginning the manufacturing.

What about tooling cost? 

Typically, yes the cost is included. But in the case that your object requires significantly different tooling than usual, there may be additional costs involved. If that's the case, we will get in touch before beginning the manufacturing. 

Can I ship the material to you?

Absolutely. Please write to us at before placing an order and we will provide the address for shipping.

Do you provide any chemical composition test for selected materials?

Yes. The charges for that will be passed on to you on an as-is basis. That is, we'll charge you whatever we pay for the test.

Can we get the manufactured part inspected from your end? 

Yes. We provide CMM inspection. The cost for CMM is ₹3675 (approx. USD 49) per piece.

Considering everything, how do I know the final price of the object? 

In the order submission form, you can select the machine needed, materials and CMM inspection. 
To calculate the cycle time, we will have to load the design of the object on our software. Once we do that, and factor in the cost of material, we will drop you an email. It usually takes 2-3 working days. 

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges will depend on where are we shipping the manufactured objects. We will be either shipping it from Rajkot, Gujarat, India or Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The charges for that will be passed on to you on an as-is basis. That is, we'll charge you whatever we pay for the test.

Is there any other charges that I should know of?

Yes, we charge one-time setup cost of ₹900. However, this is totally refundable if the total machining time is greater than 5 hours. In such case, the setup cost will be adjusted in the final bill. 

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