Injection Molds

We understand the need and importance of custom set processes and operations. Whether it is reaming or counter-boring after drilling, the order of operations can make or breaks the tolerances. 

With Sattardas, you get the flexibility of defining your custom set of processes and order of operations. You can also run your own G or M codes on our machines. 

Process Control FAQ

How many processes can I share per object?

There is no limitation as to how many processes you can get done per object. However, increase in number or processes will increase the cycle time, resulting in increased cost to manufacture the component. 

What parameters can I control?

Any and every technical parameter that goes into CNC machine can be controlled by you. Parameters including but not limited to, tool diameter, spindle speed, feed rate (cut feed), plunge feed rate, step depth, maximum (total) depth of cut. 

Can I run my G or M Codes onto your machines?

Yes. Presently in Beta stage, we are experimenting with this feature. If you'd like to run your own codes, mention it in the "Process Preference" box and share with us your code. We'll analyze the code and co-ordinate with you to run the code. 

What information should I share along with G or M codes?

There is slight variation in the interpretation of G and M Codes by different control systems and different brand CNC machines. Please inform us the machine and control system for which you have generated the code. Also share the tool details along with anything that you think can help us find an appropriate machine for you. 

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