About us

Why we do what we do?

Software ecosystem and products are moving forward at exponential rate. Hardware is being "considered" as hard. But without Hardware is needed more than ever! With all the computational power, the opportunities are more than ever before, from robotics to healthcare to spacetech!

Hardware is not really hard, it's perceived Hard for there's no single place where you can get everything done and it brings on table all kind of time and resource intensive tasks. Finding suppliers, qualifying them, establishing trust with them that they won't just start replicating your product, getting quotes from them without much insights into how are the costs derived, and above all, managing relations with vendors so they'll manufacture for us as and when we need without delaying and in budget.

What if we replaced the entire process and took away from all the time and resource intensive tasks mentioned above.

What if we said that in order to get something manufactured, all anyone has to do is upload the files and they'll get it at their doorstep, on-time, every time?

With Sattardas, all a customer really has to do is send us the files and we'll do the rest. Period.